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Project : Give a little love this ANZAC Day

Posted on April 17 2014

Dailylike Anzac Cookie Recipe Homepage Image

With ANZAC Day coming up, we thought it would be a good opportunity to create something that you can share with your friends and family. After all, good times with your loved ones is one of the basic rights our brave soldiers fought for all those years ago.

We've put a new spin on giving a ready-to-eat kind of baked gift. On this occasion it's time for your recipients to get their hands dirty - in a yummy sugar and buttery kind of way.

Dailylike Anzac Cookie Recipe

This bundle of goodness we've created has all the staples you need to make some delicious ANZAC cookies, packaged all cute-like in one of our Large Pillow Boxes and Cotton Ribbon. We've made it super easy for you to share this gift with your loved ones by providing you with a free downloadable label and recipe template. How good is that?!

By packaging up all the dry ingredients in ready-to-use quantities, we've also made baking these a cinch. Your lucky recipient just needs to mix them all together, add a few wet items, and they'll be pulling delicious ANZAC cookies out of the oven before they know it. In our humble opinion, there are few things better than a house that smells of freshly baked goods.

You'll Need
1 x Large Pillow Box - Fresh
1 x Cotton Ribbon - Dot
1-2 x sheets Tissue Paper in your choice of colour
1 x sheet of A4 Kraft Paper (or similar)
Double-sided tape
Clear cello bags
Adhesive tape e.g. Plain Cellotape, Washi Tape or Fabric Tape

1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1 1/2 cups desiccated coconut
1 1/2 cups plain flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons bicarbonate soda

This makes 1 package. Making more? Just multiply above supplies as required.

First, print your free printable onto your kraft paper.  Cut out labels, recipe cards and belly band.  We recommend cutting your belly band first.  To do this, turn over the print out so you can mark out measurements on the back side without marking the front of the design.  Rule a line horizontally across the page 1cm from the top rim of the page.  Rule a second line 4cm from the rim.  This will mark the edges of your  bellyband (it should be 3cm in width).  Cut your band and then score it 4.8cm from each end to make neat folds.  See diagram here.

Alex Mae Anzac Cookie Labels Cut Out

Cut small pieces of double sided tape and place on the back side of your ingredient labels.  We recommend doing this close to the edge of the label to stop them peeling back once applied to the cello bags.

Anzac Labels with Alex Mae Double Sided Tape

Next measure out all your ingredients and place into your resealable plastic cello bags.  We used 125mm x 200mm bags for the oats, desiccated coconut and plain flour, and 100mm x 150mm for the brown sugar.  We found a tiny cello bag that we cut down to size for the bicarbonate soda, that we then sealed with washi tape. Peel the backing from your double sided tape and attach the labels to finish off.

Umm... How cute do these look?!

Anzac Cookie Ingredient Sachets

Anzac Cookies Oats Sachet Up Close

Once this is done, you're ready to package them all up!  Grab your tissue paper (or other wrap of your choice), cotton ribbon and adhesive tape. Wrapping up the ingredients will stop them from moving around inside the pillow box too much and make it easier for your recipient to remove them.  It also looks much prettier!

Lay your ingredients out on the tissue paper, making sure they will fit into the pillow box.  Depending on the size of the cello bags that you use, you'll probably have to overlay them as we have done in order to make them fit.

Wrap your package and seal with tape.  We used Gold Glitter Tape to add a bit of sparkle, but you can also use plain cellotape or fabric tape.  Tie a bow using your Cotton Ribbon and slip in your 'Dry Ingredients' tag.

Anzac Cookie Packaging Step by Step

Position your belly band around your pillow box.  Once you're happy with the position, use some tape on the back side of the package to hold it in place.

Dailylike Pillow Box in Fresh

Pop your packaged ingredients and recipe card inside your pillow box and you're all done!  Now all that's left to do is deliver this gorgeous package to one lucky friend or loved one.

We've used this Giant Anzac Cookie recipe found on taste.com.au, however this idea will work with any Anzac cookie recipe. So if you've got a go-to recipe you would like to use, just package the dry ingredients all up and make sure you don't forget to include the recipe!

Happy baking.

This project was created by Dailylike Australia.


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