Project : DIY Giant Round Cushion

Posted on March 04 2015

DIY Giant Round Cushion After seeing Fiona of Craft Hunter's recent DIY Striped Round Cushion project, I was very much inspired to give the ol' sewing machine a go.  Most of my craft is paper-based so machine sewing is a new frontier for me... and I have to say that I am now HOOKED! Look out for a trail of sewing projects coming your way because my brain has gone into overdrive now that I can use a sewing machine! I wanted to challenge myself (because using a sewing machine for the first time wasn't enough!) and decided to make my round cushion extra large, giant in fact! I used bean bag balls to fill my cushion (a 100 litre bag did the trick) and for the fabric I chose to use our lovely Laminated Fabric so that I could use the cushion outdoors and easily wipe it down afterwards. So here is the end result. Materials used: 1 x Grizzly Bear Laminated Fabric Yard 1 x Honey Laminated Fabric Yard 100L bag of bean bag fill Sewing machine, pins, needle and thread Butchers paper, pencil and scissors DIY Giant Round Cushion Tracing and cutting out the pieces. DIY Giant Round Cushion Pinning the patches together to form the front circle. DIY Giant Round Cushion Filling with beans (which is really a two person job!) DIY Giant Round Cushion Ta-da! One giant round cushion! DIY Giant Round Cushion DIY Giant Round Cushion I am very happy with my giant cushion. Thank you for inspiring me Fiona! If you want to give this project a go yourself, you can click here for Fiona's step-by-step. Sarah xx