Q & A with Mi Goals

Posted on January 09 2014

We had the pleasure of catching up with Mi Goals' very own Adam Jelic, and we picked his brain for some hot tips on how to keep ourselves motivated, organised and inspired for the new year.


So Adam, we love the ideas behind your brand. Keeping people motivated is what you do best! Tell us more about how it all began. Mi Goals started from my own personal dissatisfaction with the fact there were no structured, inspiring and design-savvy notebooks to write my own personal goals in. That was the beginning, and from there our focus has evolved to creating many more design-savvy products and tools that help and inspire people to achieve their goals and live inspired lives. You certainly are great at inspiring others, but what keeps you inspired or motivated to do what you do? What keeps me motivated is that I am doing something I am truly passionate about, secondly is that Mi Goals has a positive impact on people's lives which is really a big motivating factor. It's truly a humbling and inspiring feeling to receive emails from customers who have bought our products and have achieved their goals.


We love lists. Are you a fellow list maker? I definitely am, I remember reading an article on how many thoughts our brain had in a day and I was astonished to read it could have tens of thousands of thoughts in a single day. That stuck with me and really cemented the importance of making lists and being able to focus on what's important. I think in today's society with all the distractions of social media and endless information, having lists is imperative to being more productive and successful. Organisation is pretty key, but it never seems to stick for us in the studio! Any quick tips on how to keep our studio in order? The first tip I have is the space itself, that's the foundation which will help you keep the studio in order. Assessing whether you have the right cupboards to store your tools, the right folders or cases, whatever it may be, that's where you should look to start. The second tip is about doing the small things right, day in, day out, it's about developing simple habits that eventually become second nature. This in turn helps maintain your studio in an orderly manner.


We're not so sure what we think about New Year's resolutions, they never really seem to stretch any further than January! What do you think about them? The only real positive about new year's resolutions are they actually get a lot of the population thinking about how they can make themselves better individuals, which is a good thing. Apart from that, I don't think they have any other real value. Sure it's a start, but if we were looking at the success rate of new year's resolutions it wouldn’t be a great tool to use. So what are YOUR goals for the immediate, or not-so-immediate future? In short 2013 was good, but our goal for 2014 in both my personal and business life is to be AWESOME. Come along and join our Delicious Diaries workshop and you'll receive your very own Mi Goals Soft Cover Diary! We can't wait to work with Adam and the Mi Goals family this month! Stay tuned to check out what we get up to.