NEW! 2015 Dual Planners

Posted on December 08 2014

Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner - Anemone Feel like you are living two lives? Finding it hard to manage the planning for different parts of your life? Well our new 2015 Dual Planners may be just what you need! In these planners each double page spread shows two of the same month side-by-side.  This handy feature makes them absolutely perfect for separating and managing two different aspects of our very busy lives! Depending on how you like to think and plan, you could split your schedule into [Work + Personal], [Study + Social], [His + Hers], [Family + School] - it's up to you! Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner The planners are spiral bound so you can easily lay them flat or prop it up on your desk, and there is a clear plastic cover to help protect your planner from getting damaged. Each calendar page is an A4 sheet so there is plenty of space for writing what you need. Dailylike 2015 Dual Monthly Planner - Nature These planners are available to order now so visit your nearest stockist or pop over to the online store to nab yourself one asap. We think these planners are going to make our lives a lot easier to manage this coming year!