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Project : Wrap It by Sam Dunne

Posted on June 02 2014

Dailylike Gift Wrapping by Dunne with Style Receiving a well wrapped gift is (to me!) a gift in itself – give me gorgeous gift wrap and I’d be quite happy with an empty box!! Good looking gifts don’t have to be put in the ‘too hard’ basket though, with a few quick embellishments and my top tips you’ll have the art of gorgeous gifts all wrapped up. My top tips for simple yet gorgeous gift wrap: 1. Colour combinations : Keep it simple 2. Prints : Mix them up 3. Texture : Is a must The great news is that Dailylike has done all of the hard work for you in sticking to my top tips. Shop their ‘stories’ across products and you’ve got co-ordinated colour combinations and prints across a range of textures and elements. Dailylike Gift Wrapping by Dunne with Style Skill Level Beginner Materials Dailylike Wrapping Paper – Daily Gray Dailylike Wrapping Paper – Winter Forest Dailylike Twine Bobbin – Deep Yellow Dailylike Twine Bobbin – Gray Dailylike Fabric Buttons – Petit Embellish It :: Paper tassels :: Dailylike Paper Tassels Cut a piece of paper double the width you want your finished tassel length: Small tassel 3 inches x 4 inches Large tassel 4 inches x 6 inches Fold your paper in half.  Using scissors or a blade, cut at regular intervals leaving approx. ¼ inch uncut at the top (where the folded edge is).  Roll up your tassel and secure the end with double sided tape. Dailylike Paper Tassels Give it as much or as little ‘fluffing up’ as you desire. :: Twine Poms :: Dailylike Gift Wrap PomsDailylike Gift Wrap Poms Use the twine pom tutorial from my Dailylike Easter project and add a few twigs for stems to create a bundle of pom blooms to your gifts. :: Twine Tassels :: Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine TasselsDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Tassels Wrap your twine around something the width of your desired finished tassel length.  The more you wrap, the fuller your tassel will be.  I used the width of my 3 fingers and wrapped around 50 times. Slide your bundle off and tie the top off with a second piece of twine.  Take another piece of twine and wrap around the bundle about ¼ inch from the top. Cut the bottom of the loops and trim as desired. Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine Tassels Tutorial:: Twine Bundles :: Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine BundleDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle Wrap your twine around something the width of your desired finished bundle.  I used the width of my 2 fingers and wrapped around 15 times. Slide your bundle off and tie the centre with a second piece of twine. Affix button to the bundle centre with a piece of twine.  Gently pull the loops open and around the button. Dailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle TutorialDailylike Gift Wrap Twine Bundle Tutorial :: Buttons :: Dailylike Gift Wrap Fabric ButtonsA few buttons and twine are the quickest cutest fool-proof embellishment, thread through and ta-dah! This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Sam Dunne of Dunne with Style.


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