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Project : Dolly Pincushion by Magdalena Franco

Posted on May 26 2014

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion by The Craft Revival

Sewing definitely seems to be making a come-back at the moment, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to bring you this handy sewing tool DIY.  Design Team member Magdalena has definitely stepped things up in regards to the humble pin cushion - transforming the functional but sometimes boring sewing aid into this little delight.  You won't want to hide this one in the sewing cupboard! Skill Level Intermediate Supplies Required 1 x Dailylike Quarter Pack - Leaves 1 x Dailylike Fabric Sticker - Alley Template Embroidery needle Embroidery thread in various colours Hobby fill (stuffing) Felt (A6 piece for base of pin cushion) Scissors Rice Instructions Print and cut out the template pieces. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 1 Pin your template pieces to your chosen fabrics and cut them out. The base of the pincushion is to be cut from felt. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 2 Place the hair fabric piece onto the face fabric piece, pin in place and stitch around the hairline using a sewing machine or by hand-sewing. Use the facial feature markings on the template as a guide to embroider onto your fabric face using embroidery thread to backstitch and long stitch. Cut two small circles from the fabric sticker and attach to the face to create rosy cheeks, or you can embroider some cheeks on instead. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 3 Lay your body piece over the bottom of the neck, pin in place and stitch around the collar leaving the raw cut edge of the doll’s clothes visible. Repeat with back of head and body. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 4 Sandwich your front and back doll pieces (head and body stitched together) with right sides facing each other. Pin and stitch around the edges leaving the bottom edge unstitched. Snip all around the edges being careful not to cut through any stitched lines. Turn right side out and use hobby fill to stuff the head and neck. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 5 Hand-stitch a running stitch around the outside of the circle and gently pull the thread to gather the circle into a dome shape. Insert some stuffing and pull the dome shape closed. Repeat with second circle to create two buns for your doll’s hair Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 6 Use a ladder stitch to attach the buns to each side of the dolls head making sure placement of buns is symmetrical. Add some hair ties by wrapping some embroidery thread (in a contrasting colour) around the base of the buns. Insert more stuffing through the base of the doll’s body and hand stitch the felt piece onto the bottom of the fabric body using ladder stitch. Before closing the gap, insert some rice between the stuffing and felt to give the bottom of the pincushion some weight and stop it from tumbling over. Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 7 Stick your pins into the buns and create a “necklace” by inserting pins around the dress collar Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 8

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 9

Dailylike Dolly Pin Cushion - Step 10 This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Magdalena Franco of The Craft Revival.


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