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Project : Feather Dream Catcher by Rin Dawson

Posted on April 08 2014

Dailylike Feather Dream Catcher by Papered Thoughts Is there anything lovelier than pretty florals mixed with paper feathers and tied together with a little bit of neon pink? I think not. Oh and did I mention dream catchers? Because they're pretty lovely too. Hello! I'm Rin the creative mess behind Papered Thoughts & I've created this pretty little tutorial just for you! Dailylike Dream Catcher by Papered Thoughts Skill Level Beginner.  Child friendly! You'll Need 1 x set of Fabric Stickers. I've used Haze but there are so many other pretty choices in the range. 1 x small ball of wool 5 x A4 sheets of Kraft cardboard. 1 x 30cm square of thick board.  I used an old box. Masking tape Scissors Pen Double-sided tape Once you've got all the materials, you're all set! First you'll need to trace a circle onto your thick cardboard box card - I used a small dinner plate (about 23cm in diameter) Cut out the circle & then cut out the middle - leaving a thin circle outline (approximately 1.5cm thick) This will form the base of your dream catcher. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 1 This next step will take a little time, however I found it so therapeutic - turn on the TV, some music or an audio book & snuggle up somewhere comfy. You'll need your circle, wool & double sided tape. Begin by placing the tape at intervals around the circle (on both sides) - now we're going to wrap! Start over some double sided tape - wrapping the wool tight & close around the circle. The double sided tape will ensure that it doesn't unravel. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 2 Once you're all wrapped up (pun-riffic!) leave a long enough piece of string to loop and tie off - so you can hang it later. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 3 Next - those pretty feathers! The greatest thing I've found by far about the Dailylike Fabric Stickers is the fact that you can write, draw and sketch on the back. Making it so easy to cut the shapes you want! I used fabric stickers in Haze and drew out my feathers in a few different sizes on the back of each sheet of fabric sticker. I used 7 feathers in my design - 4 large and 3 small.  They were drawn free-hand so they're all a bit different. If you're not confident though they're are tons of templates on Pinterest, just search for 'feather template' on Pinterest or Google. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 4 Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 5 After you've cut out each feather you'll need to stick them to the A4 kraft card and cut them out again. If your feathers get a bit fiddly try using a smaller sharper pair of scissors. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 6 Once you have all your feathers cut - stuck and cut, take a moment to marvel at their pretty! and then it's time to have a play around with positioning and the design of your dream catcher. Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 7 Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 8 Once you're happy with the position of each of your feathers, we need to attach the wool to them so they're ready to hang. Use a strip of double sided tape down the centre of each feather to secure the wool to the back. I taped each piece of wool down with a little bit of washi too - just in case.  Dailylike have a great range of coloured and patterned masking tapes that you can use! Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 9 To tie each feather on I laid my dream catcher out on the floor and positioned the feathers, tying a simple knot around the base of the circle - double knotting & trimming off the tail. Just make sure when you tie them that the knot is at the back! Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 10 Now all that's left to do is to hang your pretty creation (with washi tape of course!) and enjoy sweet sweet dreams! xo Dailylike Dream Catcher - Step 11 This project was created by Dailylike Design Team member Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts.


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