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Q & A with Kettle Town Teas

Posted on January 20 2014

We had so much fun in the Sydney edition of our New Beginnings workshops at the very special Work-Shop Makery, and we were super lucky to have Lily and Vincent from Kettle Town Teas hang out with us while we got our craft on! They brought an awesome selection of teas for everyone to taste, and Lily even made some delicious rosewater scones that we got to munch on while we chatted. Here's what they had to say!


Where did the idea for Kettle Town come from? Have you always had a secret passion for tea? Kettle Town was born winter last year when we decided to try and blend our own chai. We decided to do this after trying many different brands which we thought just didn't pack a punch! Tanzania where Vincent comes from, use coconut in a lot of their cooking and drinks in general, which inspired us to add coconut to our chai. We made about 100 different blends before we got the perfect one and it's been a hit ever since. I am vegetarian myself and Vincent has stopped drinking and we found ourselves sharing tea quite often, so I guess it was something we had in common.


Tell us more about tea dessert pairing! That sounds scrumptious. We wanted to create an experience driven approach to the way people have tea. The culture of drinking tea is steeped in so much tradition that we wanted to bring an exciting and different dimension to the way people enjoy this beverage. I have always loved baking and when we had a tea tasting to reveal our tea range for feedback, we thought why not pair them with our teas? The feedback we got was amazing and seeing as a lot of the time people enjoy tea at the end of the meal and we see it almost as an accompaniment to desserts. Our favourite tea and dessert pairing is our Mintilla; a Black Tea with Peppermint infused with Vanilla, paired with a rich Panna Cotta served with some fresh pineapple relish.


We're talking a lot about New Beginnings at Dailylike this month, is there anything new you're about to begin? What can we look forward to for Kettle Town this year? That's a good question. Well, this year at Kettle Town we are looking to sponsor more creative events like yours - DailyLife - and really work to support the creative community in Sydney. Apart from that we intent to have a Kettle Town pop-up store later on in the year to showcase our idea and provide the full Kettle Town experience to our much loved customers.


We loved having you as a guest star at our workshops on the weekend. Tell our jealous readers more about what was on the menu! Kettle Town was also super excited to be a part of your event! Thanks so much for having us. This weekend, we served our full range of gourmet flavoured teas, whilst pairing our Bluberry Blossoms tea, a black tea with calendula and cornflower infused with blueberry and almond, with some home made rose water scones and raspberry jam. We hope you enjoyed the pairing!


Delicious! We absolutely loved their teas, and think you will too. Pop over to their Etsy store to have a look at the full range. This one is going to be hard to top!


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